Dirty Words

I’m so honor that I can speak another language when they ask me to shut up with their language.

There are some ways to fight against with them, but only when you have enough power, sadly.

I feel so lucky, though I cannot speak English so good, but if you are with me, I believe you can feel what I wanna say.

And it seems that they do not care about English essay.

I don’t know how to say in normal words, oh yes they won’t let you say.

What could let a man give up his native language speaking something?

There is examine everywhere, and what’s more horrible, the people in this “wonderful” land developed a kind of “self-examine”.

Because abnormal things happen every day.

Inside their border. some words even some people can disappear suddenly, just because they are something different from the main idea. Even the minority is correct.

Out of the border, they cannot simply remove it, but they block their people from watching.

I were able not to speak those, because I am a poor programing monkey(or cat)? I am so tiny so weak. The old saying goes that “Being quiet will save your life”. I should just write my code and live my poor life.

But I can’t.

Firstly they blocked words negative to them, I said nothing, because I don’t believe those words, partly they taught everyone those are fake.

Secondly they blocked colorful hairs on TV, I said nothing, because I don’t like colorful head.

Thirdly they said gay and lesbian are abnormal, I said nothing, because I am not one of them.

But finally when you want to say some words, they just disappear, like you never live.

That’s interesting? You and many people before you developed tools, you wanna to build a dream world, you believe that every one in the world shoud be friendly, because we are all mankind, we should love each other and be brothers or sisters, aren’t we?

And what do you think when you see devil destroyed your world?

Constructors are great, who can only make problems to others is shit.

That’s when self-examine come into existance.

What a strong life a man is!

Even your mouth loses your voice, you eyes lose your vision, you ears can hear nothing but “positive energy.”

If the so-called positive energy is everywhere, where could negative energy be? Your heart? My heart?

Remove the speaking function of your mouth and leave eating here, isn’t it good?

But we are not born like these!

There are days we say everything we want on the Internet, but you see, a post with hundreds of thousands of reposts were removed, you find you are so tiny.

Together we stand but then get killed?

Or most of the people have a hard mind and a soft heart? Just some cheap words can let people believe a bad man is for their peace.

Sorry I never eat chicken soup.

If you did something with a totally wrong direction and think your practice can let others respect you, you are a totally dog shit. If you asked a group of people doing wrong thing for you, you are totally a son of the bitch.

If not, what should we do for the people in the correct direction?

Don’t disturb me with these silly things you made. Do what you should do.


A Coder & Dreamer